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Monday, September 12, 2011

Why am I being attacked by levels 1000's higher than me?

Welcome to the SHARK TANK!!!!
Why am i being attacked by levels 1000's higher than me???
As a player you will be doing some fighting, and you can look here that has a question next to the words about fighting in game. Master The art of fighting. Your success depends on the strength of your mafia. Together fight as one, so set up your crew (up to 501 members tops) with your most powerful Weapons, Armors, Vehicles and Animals for the strongest attack. Have a beef with someone? You can now add up to 10 users to your rivals list. Visit your rival's profile to add them to your list. You can remove players at any time by clicking the - button on the far right.Other fighters are listed as your most recent attackers and users that you have attacked. Go ahead and fight. It's not personal. It's business.
Click out of that and take a look at your Rival’s Fighting Tans as it’ll look like this:

Four Tabs are in the following order on Rival’s Tab:

But obviously you have come to forums looking for more answers to your question regarding fighting. Once you have reached the level 451, you have reached the "Shark Tank". This is when the fightlist becomes wide open to levels of all sizes, strength, weakness starting with level 451 and above. Everything is fair game at this point. Some of the things that will happen that may baffle you but it can be explained here.

While fighting, keep in mind of a few things that will happen.

It is a surprise how much a difference your level will be once you reach 451. When before you were the Top Fighter and almost unbeatable, and then now you are getting your butt kicked. This is because the bracket of levels under 450 to 100 was limited to fighters in that range only. Before level 350, your fight list was limited to +/- 10 range levels, meaning if your level was at 200, you were limited to fighting only those in the 190 to 210 level range. That made it very fair for those levels since they were not fully equipped to deal with levels that drastically was higher than you. It allowed you to work on your stats too, whether to put skill points into your health, energy, attack, defense or stamina.

It would have been far too easy for higher levels to pick on levels that small to start with. Unless a few things you were doing that attracts those higher levels to come after you.

Are you hitlisting or asking mafia to attack other players? Are you attacking a player that may have called in the higher level players to come to their aid? It works both ways. Since you are the lower level player, you may have to change your tactics and not call attention to yourself after this happens.

There is the the Rival's tab or newsfeeds for the attacker to come back to attack you again.

If you do not want to be attacked by that same person again, you'll have to keep health under 20 for a period of time. If it really a problem, you may have to deactivate your toolbar as that keeps you "logged in" the game too. You may have to change your playing times too so they can't catch you if they know when you will be on. They are attacking you again because they are getting something out of it: money, experience, loot drops, trying to use up their stamina quickly to get fight mastery, victory coins. There are many reasons why you are being attacked which will be listed below.

People usually stop attacking when they are not getting much out of it, especially when that person is always iced or dead. They will lose interest fairly quickly then. Unless you happen to get their attention again by hitlisting them in retailiation, some people benefit from getting hitlisted to gain experience off that as well. After all, they are only losing 6 experience points when they are killed off the hitlist, vs. getting 44 experience gained. They can see on their newsfeeds who are attacking them, and then their list of names to go after fighting will increase. They might even be working on their Bulletproof Achievement and if being taken off hitlist takes that away from them, they will come back to attack you again. Or so annoyed by it so they figure they can keep hitting you all day long since you are too weak to defend yourself. That could be another thing you can work on, increase your defense so that eventually YOU benefit from it. If they lose to you, you can be sure they will back off.

Some other reasons why you are being attacked:

-Boss Fight
-Stamina Jobs
-Hitlist fighting
-Iced Achievements
-Getting Loot drops by fighting only

Since there is now a Family Module for Clans, anyone can look up your clan (if you are a tagged member, people can click on your tag from the fightlist or profile page) and look for players who may be weak enough to be attacked for any reason. Easy icings for Icing events, Clan Wars are examples of this.

People can even click on your name during Wars declared and members of mafia participating. If you participate in a war, you name will be listed under “Recent Attacks” Either side can be red or green, depending on who is winning the War Declared or Fighting Back War Declared.

I think it's also important to note that people who enjoy fighting DO attack until you're iced or killed if they're winning, but then they go away until either: 1) you attempt to retaliate, or 2) you reappear on the fight list.

The more you engage in fighting yourself, the more you'll appear on the fight list, so don't be surprised to get attacked by lots of people while you're busy doing the attacking.

Methods you can do to increase your defense and attack:
Use the Chop Shops, Weapons Depot, Armory, Private Zoo and skill points when you level up every even number, and put it in your defense/attack. If you are really interested in speeding up the builds, you can spend Reward Points for them.

Hope this gives you a better idea of what’s happening with fighting in the game, so you can be better prepared for it. Someday you will be stronger and better able to deal with fighting. Everyone goes through this, and you are not alone. You may actually enjoy doing this someday yourself!

***Note: I have made a post for the Developers, Zynga and Nate during Live Chats to have information on the Shark Tank provided IN-GAME. Links included HERE and Live Chat Recap answer linked HERE.

Note: Many thanks to those who made contributions to this thread. LynnDeane, studog, Governor Delasy (GuideMasters), Yagami999, amoster (for suggesting a sticky for this topic), and many others who care about this topic to post their input on it too. 



Misty Dady said...

"I think it's also important to note that people who enjoy fighting DO attack until you're iced or killed if they're winning, but then they go away until either: 1) you attempt to retaliate, or 2) you reappear on the fight list."

--great point, and great write-up.

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