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Thursday, September 22, 2011

FB Mafia Wars Addon

Mafia Wars Add-On For Chrome & Firefox 

There is an "Add-On" for Mafia Wars that you can install in chrome and firefox,they called 

"FB MafiaWars Addon". 

  • Firefox:

users need to download greasemonkey or Scriptish first and then you can install the Addon. (For firefox version 4 or higher I reccomend using Scriptish instead of greasemonkey). 

  •  Chrome:
Install this Tampermonkey (Tampermonkey is a userscript manager for Google Chrome and Chromium Browser) users need to download the Addon script and then also download an additional PLUG-IN for CHROME. that enables numerous new features, but you can do it later to install the plugin when you try to access the game.

 After you finished all the installation, open Mafia Wars game to play and a green arrow is visible at the top-left of the screen where the City Name is displayed.

To make all MWAddon work, you need to give "All required Permission" to Mafia Wars.
* The first time you install MWAddon you need to give Permissions to MW's, Just click on yellow "All required Permissions" button. You get a new Mw's page open > continue your game from that new page and close the one you just came from previously.. Open any new Tabs from the new one.
* If you just update your current version, it is not necessary. ( and you don't run a cleaner )
* If you "Uninstall" your version for any reason, even to update then you need to redo it
* If you use a cleaner program of any sort or delete your Browser history, anything that causes you to remove cookies. Then you will need to give permissions again.
* The script and your settings are stored on your Computer. You are only altering the way you see the game on your own or each computer you use.. You do not alter the server Achive. There for you need to save your own applications.
"SEE TUTORIAL ON IMPORT-EXPORT SETTINGS BELOW" ( how to save your settings )

* If you Check this function you will receive a popup that displays the new alterations for the new version ready for you to UPDATE when it's available.

* Check this and receive handy "To Level Up Ratio Calculations" located on your Experience bar.
* Also Just Cursor over the stat and get a ToolTip popup.
* It tells you the Energy, Stamina or Combined Ratios needed to level up.

* Check this and you will Receive the ratio thats from calculating the difference of how much energy it costs, compared to how much experience you are rewarded. On every job.

* Check this and you will have many more options to send gifts, even past/Older Gifts.
* This will be the layout you will see every time you come back into Mw page.


* If you check this and you go into another players profile Page in MW's by clicking on their name.
You will get some new functions so that you can get their Fb profile to friend request them, or you can add that player to your whitelist or Blacklist.

Facebook Profile | Add to Whitelist | Add to Blacklist

* If you check this you will get access to some great functions in your Family page
http:// apps.f*cebook.com / inthemafia / f*mily.php?id = %%%%%%%%% Copy (beta!)
Click on "Add to ????" to add all family's members into that list.
Add to Whitelist
Add to Blacklist

* Check this if you want to go in stealth mode.

* If you like to clear your browser history cache and cookies or you like to use Cleaner programs Then these functions here will be very valuable to you.
* Once you have been through the whole Addon and you have everything configured and even if you have added anything into the Plug-In-Manager.
* You can save all these by simply clicking on "EXPORT ALL SETTINGS"
* You will receive all the script code in the box.
* Copy the Blue Highlighted code and Paste it into a NotePad document or similar text application.
* Save it on your computer where you can access it easy.
* Now if you loose your settings you can just reverse the process, Open your NotePad Doc > "select all" Via the "edit" function, and copy.
* Select "IMPORT ALL SETTINGS" and past it back into the Addon box and save configuration.
* If you use cleaner Programs You should save your settings If you change them at the end of your day before you switch off.
* And you can even send your settings to your friends to use or view.


if u have a problem with the installation, update ur greasemonkey to the latest version: GREASEMONKEY
If had problem "Plug-In" in chrome browser, install this:
and doing these steps below:
1. Remove My Mafia Apps
2. Clear "everything" Cache's
3. Re-Installed Mafia Apps
4. Install Scriptish or Greasemonkey (for FireFox)
5. Install MW Addon latest version:
6. Load the game (so browser have new cache )
7. Allow all configuration on MW Addon
8. Close last MW opened and reopen with this fresh link http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/
9.All Working good for me


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