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Friday, June 29, 2012

Loyalty Program benefit - Harbinger

Loyalty Program benefit - Harbinger
Updated 06/26/2012 at 15:41
We have listened to player feedback about the shutdown of the Loyalty Program and have decided to gift the Harbinger to players who would have reached Diamond Status if the Loyalty Program hadn't been discontinued.

Even though the Loyalty Program was discontinued, we will continue to monitor the status of players and will be granting the Harbinger to eligible players.

Please note that this is a privileged reward which will be automatically granted to eligible players.

- Mafia Wars Team

Energy not getting refilled

Energy not getting refilled
Updated 06/27/2012 at 16:56
We have received reports from some of our players that Energy in their account is not getting updated or being refilled automatically in sync with the Energy Timer.

Please note that this can be caused due to the use of a third-party application/script or a browser add-on in connection with Mafia Wars game.

Use of third-party scripts or add-on may not only cause the game to function abnormally but is also against the Zynga Terms of Service.

Please read more about use of third-party scripts here.

-Mafia Wars Team

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Collection of Energy and Stamina Stats from Properties

Collection of Energy and Stamina Stats from Properties
Updated 06/26/2012 at 12:11

Good News!

We heard your feedback and have enhanced the collection of Stamina and Energy received from your London and Brazil properties.

Now you will be able to receive the Stamina / Energy Stats from your London and Brazil properties even if they exceed the maximum value of Stamina/Energy stats in your account.

For example: If the Stamina stats on your account are 2,500/2,500 and at the same time, you also have a property from which you can collect additional 1,000 Stamina.
If you successfully collect the available 1,000 Stamina from your property, the net available Stamina in your account would appear as 3,500/2,500.

Please note that you should use these additional (surplus) stats within one hour of collecting from your property.

If the additional stats are unused even after an hour of collection from your property, They will be reset to the maximum value. (in the above example – if you do not use 3,500/2,500 Stamina in an hour of collecting from property, it will be reset to 2,500/2,500)

-Mafia Wars Team

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hellish Hydraulics - FAQ

Hellish Hydraulics - FAQ
Updated 06/25/2012 at 11:11 
We’re giving the power to you to choose what's best for you.

This is your ultimate chance to build or upgrade high stats items as many times as you can.  Upgrade or Build, the choice is yours!

Q: Is there a minimum level requirement?
A: Yes, to be able to craft items in Hellish Hydraulics, a player must be a minimum of level 50.

Q: For how long will the feature be available?
A: Hellish Hydraulics will be available for a period of 7 days (From June 25th Midnight Pacific time to July 1st 23:59 Pacific Time)

Q: What do I need to craft items in Hellish Hydraulics? How does the feature work?
A: In order to craft items in Hellish Hydraulics, you’ll need to earn Hydraulic Cylinders in any of the following ways:

Feed Posts: You can earn up to 30 parts per day by having your friends click on your feeds. One Feed post can get you a maximum of 10 parts in a day.
You can post a feed every 2 hours (provided you have not collected the daily limit of 30 parts already). In addition, you can earn up to 10 parts per day by clicking on your friends' feeds.
Jobs: Get up to 5 parts a day as loot drops while doing jobs.

The daily limit timers reset at 00:00:00 AM PST.

The total number of unused Hydraulic Cylinders (building parts) in your account will be displayed in the “Parts Owned” section of the Feature:

User-added image

You can also purchase Hydraulic Cylinders using Reward Points.

Using the available parts in your account, you can both queue any of the 2 craftable items for building (increasing the total number of items obtained at the end of the event) and upgrade the level of items (build better items with higher stats).  Read further for details.

You can choose any combination of builds and upgrades.

User-added image

Q: Which items are available for Building? Is there a Maximum limit on number of items I can craft?
A: There are 2 Items which you can build and upgrade using the parts available in your account:

1. Hydraulic Cannon (Better Mafia Attack Strength and adds +1 and +2 Personal Attack stats when on Ruby and Emerald level)

2. Hydraulic Hippo (Better Mafia Defense Strength and adds +1 and +2 Personal Defense stats when on Ruby and Emerald level)

There is no limit on the amount of items you can craft from this feature as long as you have the required building parts on your account within the time limit of the event (June 25th Midnight Pacific time to July 1st 23:59 Pacific Time).

Q: How do I use the available parts to upgrade the level of the item? What are the different Tiers available?
A: Using the available parts in your account, you can perform 2 actions:

1. Build: Click on the Build to add an item to building queue. (Please note that you’ll be able to collect the items you have crafted only after the event ends.

Upgrade: Click on the Upgrade button to upgrade the item level to the next tier.
There will be 5 upgrade tiers available for both the items - Bronze (default), Silver, Gold, Ruby and Emerald.

Below table shows the number of parts required to upgrade the item strength:

User-added image

The cost of upgrading or building one item will not change the cost of upgrading or building the other item. Upgrading an item improves all copies of that item, including those already queued for building.

The number of parts required to build items are as follows:

User-added image

Q:  Can I reallocate the parts used for building to upgrade an item and vice-versa?
A: Allocation of parts for used for either building or upgrading an item is final. You cannot re-allocate the parts once you decide to build/upgrade an item.

Q: I used the parts to “Build” items, but those were not added to my inventory.
A: Please note that you will not receive items in your inventory while the event is running. You will need to collect the items at the end of the event.

Q: If I "Build" some items and spend parts to "Upgrade" later, does it upgrade all the "built" items?
A: Yes, you can use the "Build" / "Upgrade" options in any order you want.

For example: If you have already built 10 items on Bronze Tier and use 10 parts to upgrade them to Silver, all the 10 built items will be upgraded to Silver Tier.

Q: When can I collect the items which are queued for building? What if I have unused parts left in my account?
A: Once the “Collect After:” timer ends (July 2nd 00:00 AM onwards), you will see an option to collect from the event and will no longer be able to earn additional parts.

User-added image

You’ll get 5 additional days from July 2nd Midnight Pacific Time to use the remaining parts or to purchase parts and build/upgrade items if you wish to do so.

Clicking on Collect will open another window with more options:

User-added image

Q: Can I build/upgrade more items after I click on the “Collect” button?
No, after Collecting the items from event, the event will end for you and you will be unable to build/upgrade more items. Any unused parts will be lapsed at the end of the Event (after clicking the Collect button).


Friday, June 22, 2012

Lighthouse Lobbying Secret District in Chicago

Lighthouse Lobbying
Secret District in Chicago
 Start June 21, 2012 until July 03, 2012

This secret district included a Boss Fight for each mastery level. To Defeat Jonah Abrumsky you may attack using the boss fight event Consumables and the secret district consumable, and/or attack using stamina. 

Available Loot:
Rum Joey Rum

Icon attack 16x16.png121 Icon defense 16x16.png78

Coast Guard Uniform

Icon attack 16x16.png77 Icon defense 16x16.png122

Sea Slug

Icon attack 16x16.png122 Icon defense 16x16.png79

Collect 10 of each item to earn 5 attack points
Collect 25 of each item to earn 5 defense points

Collect 50 of each item to earn 5 skill points


Crate of Hooch

Mafia Strength display changed

Mafia Strength display changed
Updated 06/21/2012 at 18:36
Starting June 21st, we have changed the way stats are displayed on your Fights Page:

Before the change, the stats were displayed as follows:

User-added image

After this change, stats in your account will appear in following order:

User-added image

Please note that it is just a difference in presentation of Stats and actual stats on your account remain unchanged.

Since this is not an issue, there is no need to submit a support request.

We welcome your continued feedback via the below Survey:


-Mafia Wars Team

Sunday, June 10, 2012

How to locate your Admiral

How to locate your Admiral
Updated 06/09/2012 at 20:09
To welcome you back, we are giving you the Admiral. Your wish is by command.
Now that you are back, it's time to unfurl the sails in London.

User-added image

Please note: If you haven't received a Game Request for the Admiral, please 
Click here to fill our survey and provide your UID to let our team know. We have automated the item claim process to make it easy for you. We will verify your claim and grant the item by Tuesday, 12th of June.

If you have not already added this item to your inventory, you can locate and add it by following the instructions provided below.

1.  Click  here

2.  Scroll down and locate the announcement from Mafia Wars about the Admiral and click 'Accept'.

User-added image

3.  After you have clicked the accept button you will be taken back to the game and will receive the following pop-up:

User-added image

4.  To verify that the item has been added to your inventory, please click the Inventory tab:
 User-added image

5.  Next you will need to click the Filter button:
 User-added image

6.  Type 'Sixer' into the search field and click 'Go':

User-added image

7.  The following window will show that 1 Admiral has been added to your inventory.

User-added image


Saturday, June 9, 2012

TRICK: To Fix Unresponse Flash Plugin In Chrome Browser

Internal Flash plugin integration hits Google Chrome

We have discussing already how To Fix Unsecure Content In Chrome Browser before. now i want to explained how To Fix Unresponse Flash Plugin In Chrome Browser

What started off as musings about the possible arrival of internal plug-ins in Google Chrome has already come to fruition. Both Adobe and Google have officially announced that the non-NPAPI plug-in version of Flash is ready for us to test in the latest developer channel build of Chrome.

If you've already got the build installed, you need to add a command line switch to enable the magic: --enable-internal-flash. Need help adding the switch? Check our tutorial post for more details.

Once the switch has been flipped, you'll see the confirmation dialog pictured above. There seem to be some performance benefits to the internal plugin -- the HD clip I tested on YouTube never reached more than 19% CPU utilization.

According to Adobe, "Moving forward, Google will be including Flash Player in Chrome so users will always have the most current release and a safer and more seamless experience." It makes sense for Google to start bundling the internal plug-in for a number of reasons. The internal plug-in will also automatically update itself using Chrome's built-in mechanism, eliminating the need for out-of-browser Flash updating.

The official Adobe post concludes by saying, "Our hope is that the robust integration between Chrome and Flash Player will serve as a showcase for more consistent, seamless, and efficient Web browsing experiences. We feel that this significant effort by both Google and Adobe will directly improve the speed of innovation and move the Web forward, benefiting the entire community of developers and end-users."

CPU and memory usage while watching an HD clip on YouTube with the internal Flash plugin enabled.

How to add command line switches to Google Chrome or Chromium

How to add command line switches to Google Chrome or Chromium

Sometime to many crashed issues in Google Chrome Browser make us getting frustration. This time i wanna explanation how to fix it and make us enjoyable in browsing with Google Chrome Browser.

Issues in Google Chrome or Chromium: 

Watch the video above, and refer to the notes below -- it's a simple process!
  1. Locate your Chrome or Chromium shortcut. There should be one on your desktop and one in your start menu - either one will work! 
  2. Click the shortcut with your right mouse button and choose properties
  3. Find the target box (it will be highlighted when the properties screen appears). 
  4. Left click at the end of the line (after chrome.exe). 
  5. Press space. 
  6. Add your command line switch. The result looks like this:
    C:\Users\PrinceLoa\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --enable-internal-flash 
  7. If you want to add more than one, separate each switch with a space. The result looks like this:
    C:\Users\PrinceLoa\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --enable-internal-flash --allow-running-insecure-content 

Mission Event The Cornerstone

Limited Time Mission Event: THE CORNERSTONE
Available from June 8, 2012 to June 22, 2012.
There are a total of 9 missions in this event. 
Just because you built it, doesn't mean you own it.

All missions unlock in the order displayed unless otherwise indicated.

1. Light As A Feather Mission:
  • Loot 5 Kerivoulas from fights in London.
  • Job: Meet The Land Mafia To Collect Your Take (2x). (East End Story)
  • Get support from your mafia (2x). (Gift Requests)

    ~1 Dirigible 142 90
    ~ 2
2. Stiff As A Board Mission:
  • Collect from your Royal Bank 3 times.
  • Rob 10 Olympic Stadiums
  • Job: Collect Your Take From The Construction Firms (8x). (East End Story)

    ~1 The Duct 87 141
    ~ 2 Reward Points
3. Built To Last Mission
  • Clear 8 robbing boards.
  • Ask for 8 Boomerings from mafia.
  • Loot 8 Construction Boots from Job: Leave The East End. (East End Story)

    ~1 Ballistic Face Shield 142 87
    ~ 350
    ~ 10 Mafia Members
4. Anybody Home? Mission:
  • Collect from your Underground Station 3 times.
  • Take out 15 Masons in London. (Stamina Requires  each)
  • Declare a War 3 times.

    ~1 Leech 88 141
    ~ 300
5. Masons Anonymous Mission:
  • Job: Fight Off The Thugs (15x). (Notes From The Underground)
  • Ask for 12 Boomerings from mafia.
  • Try to take out 1 Mason Elder. (Stamina Requires )

    ~1 Ballistic Face Shield 142 87
6. Built To Other Specifications Mission:
  • Fight 200 opponents in London.
  • Win 5 Wars.
  • Win 190 fights in London.

    ~1 Leech 88 141
7. Anything That Isn't Nailed Down Mission:
  • Loot 40 Weapon Parts from doing jobs in London.

    ~1 The Duct 87 141
8. Burning Bridges Mission:
  • Get support from your mafia (20x). (Gift Requests)
  • Make 6 items from your East End Pub.
  • Take out the Mason Elder permanently. (Stamina Requires )

    ~1 Dirigible 142 90
    ~ 1 Reward Point
9. Passing The Test Of Time Mission:
  • Loot 20 Stun Batons from robbing in London.
  • Loot 20 Top Hats from jobs in London.
  • Activate 16 Crew Members in London.

    ~1 Contractor 110 179
    ~ 3
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