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Sunday, September 11, 2011

El-Dorado available now!!!

New Event Secret District El-Dorado
available now!!!

Part One:
Acquire 8 Armors
Activate Four Crew Members In Brazil ***Time Sensitive***

Part Two:
Buy Two “Horny Toad Vehicles” From Black Market in Brazil***Time Sensitive***
Fight Forty Opponents in Brazil
Do Job “Make A Path To The Jungle” Ten Times

Part Three:
Find Eight “Sultan’s Sabers” by
Find Eight “Midas Butterfly Knifes” by
Find Eight “Scythe Chariots” by
Find Eight “Dueling Shields” by
Find Ten “Everglade Rat Snakes” by
Find Ten “Golden Poison Frogs” by Robbing

Part Four:
Ask For Six Scrap Shields From Mafia
Loot 16 Firebombs From Robbing

Part Five:
Win 15 Fights
Declare A War 2 Times ***Time Sensitive***
Loot 20 Gold Tigers From Fights In Brazil

Part Six:
Ice 10 Opponents In Brazil
Collect from Barracks Twice ***Time Sensitive***
Do Job “Ambush An Unwitting Expedition” 10 Times

Part Seven:
Take Out Six “Amateur Tomb Raiders” From Fight Page
Do Job “Smuggle A Relic Overseas“ 18 Times
Trade Six Gold Treasure Chest Keys For Six Street Parties
 Reward Mission and Consumable: 

 How to collect the Consumable???? 
Before the event starting we can cheat the consumable :) 
Follow these step below:
1. Click and open this link: Send-Jungle-Map-Consumable
2. You will now receive a popup in Mafia Wars to send the consumable 
3. Send the consumable to your mafia. (Uses Facebook Requests)

List of Loots in New Secret District Event El-Dorado
  ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (TGMW)


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