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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flash and Javascript Animations and Slow Loading issues

Flash and Javascript Animations and Slow Loading issues

"I think all your Flash is slowing down my game!"

There is a common misconception that much of Mafia Wars is in Flash and thus slows down your game experience.

The following features use Flash


*Headerstream (Player updates in the header)

*The Friend Ladder

*The Slot Machines

Boss Fights do not use Flash.  (They use Javascript animations)

All events use Javascript animations.

Things that have been proven to slow down loading -

*Accounts with large amounts of mafia (a couple thousand or more), especially very active mafia.  This impacts combat, as our algorithms have to do calculations for each of those members to factor into your own account's formula.

*Accounts with large amounts of unreceived gifts (anything close to a hundred or more).  This increases the size of your account data (we store who the pending gifts are from), and each time your account does an action, your account data has to be passed to various locations/servers.  Large account data (due to too many pending gifts), takes longer to pass.

important to download for ur browser:
1.Adobe Flash Player: DOWNLOAD HERE
2.Adobe Reader X: DOWNLOAD HERE
4.Adobe Shockwave Player: DOWNLOAD HERE

5.Java Software: DOWNLOAD HERE

Promote The Best Top Mafia

How to Promote The Best Top Mafia???

Top Mafia Family Members

Ever wonder how the Top Mafia works when either you assign someone to a position or you have been assigned by a fellow mafia member?

Assign your best mafia members to positions within your mafia. Each position has a unique bonus which can be greater depending on who gets promoted to that position.

Mastermind – Choose a member with many jobs completed to promote to Mastermind to get more experience points from doing jobs. Your Mastermind gains a small chance of gaining 50% more experience when performing jobs.

Wheelman – Choose a member with the Fearless character type and a high level to promote to Wheelman to get a reduced energy cost for jobs. Your Wheelman gains a small chance to perform jobs for no energy.

Button Man – Choose a member with the Maniac character type and a high level to promote to Button Man to get an Attack bonus. Your Button Man gains a small chance to always win fights they initiate.

Bodyguard – Choose a member with many fights won to promote to Bodyguard to get a Defense bonus. Your Bodyguard gains a small chance to always win fights when they are attacked.

Safecracker – Choose a member with many successful heists to promote to Safecracker to get more money from fighting and robbing. Your Safecracker gains a small chance to gain double the money when fighting or robbing.

Bagman – Choose a member with the Mogul character type and a high level to promote to Bagman to get more money from jobs. Your Bagman gains a small chance to gain double the money when performing jobs.

Family Tools FAQ

Family Tools FAQ
Updated 08/26/2011 at 22:58 
User-added image

A 'Family' or 'Crime Family' is a term often used to describe a close group of people who are involved in similar activities and who help and protect each other.  And now Mafia Wars makes your Family legit!  Use the tools you need to manage your Family from within the game.  Join an active Family to work, war, and stand together, or start your own family!

Q:  When was this feature launched?
A:  This feature was released on 06/09/11 and is available to all players who are level 25 and above.

Q: Why should I join a Family?
A: Families are made up of active players with a common goal. Members help one another by giving advice, protection, sending gifts, and grow their Mafia. Families will also be able to access exclusive features like in-game chat, which is coming soon.

Q:  How do I go join a Family?
A:  If joining a Family is what you are looking for, then you can search through all of the Families registered with Mafia Wars. You will be able to view a Family member's stats such as number of wars won, ices, and jobs done to help you make your decision.

User-added image

Q:  Will I be able to see other members attack, defense, stamina, and health stats?
A:  No.  This information remains private, and you will not be able to see this information.

Q: How will I know if I’m part of a Family?
A: Once you have asked to join a Family, the Godfather or Godmother will review your request and send you an invitation through the Zynga Message Center. You must accept this invitation in order to join the Family.

Q: Do I have to be a Facebook friend of a Family Leader to join a Family?
A: No. If your request is approved by the Family Leader, you will be a member of the Family.

Q:  How do I start my own Family?
A:  To start your own family and be the Godmother/father you need to begin by going to the 'My Mafia' tab, and then click 'Families'.

User-added image

There are numerous perks to being a Family leader:

  • Create a unique Family tag
  • Recruit new members
  • Approve all Family members requests
  • Post personalized daily messages that only your Family can view
  • Promote members to officers
  • Demote officers or boost members from your Family
Q:  How much does it cost to start a Family?
A: The cost is 50 Reward Points. As Family leader, you will be able to access upcoming exclusive features and leadership perks.

Q:  What are the members of my Family?
A:  The Family leader is the Godmother/father, followed by the Underboss.  Each of the other members are listed as a Soldier.

Q: As Family leader, how many members can I promote to officers?
A: You can promote as many members to Underbosses as you want.

Q: What are the responsibilities of an Underboss?
A: Officers have the ability to invite new recruits, remove Soldiers form the Family, and chang ethe Family's message of the day.

Q:  What is the role of the Soldier within the Family?
A:  As a soldier, your role is to help others in the Family and perform enforcement tasks to protect the family.  Work your way up within your organization to get promoted to an Underboss.

Q: Is there a limit to how many members can join a Family?
A: Currently the limit is 100 per Family. This limit may be adjusted in the future as more members opt in.

Q: Does it cost anything to join a Family?
A: No. If you are accepted into a Family, you will also be able to change your name for free. This offer is only valid once.

User-added image

Q:  What if there isn't a Family that I would like to join?
A:  By clicking the 'Start Your Own Family' button, you will have the option of creating your own Family.  It's true that blood is thicker than water.

User-added image

Q:  What is the Message of Day?
A:  The Message of the Day is a statement that the Godmother/father can present to their family each day.  This message is viewable only by the members of the group.

Q:  Can I paste links into the family description?
A:  No. You can past a URL, but clickable links are not allowed.

Q:  Will there be Family Tags?
A:  Yes.  When you join or create a Family, your organization will be identified with red tags that appear before your Profile name.  Make sure you get tagged so your rivals know who they're dealing with!

User-added image

Q:  Are the Family Tags unique?
A:  Yes, the tags are unique, so be the first to claim your own creative signature!

Family Tool Feature Updates:

Family Member Count
Now you can quickly see how many members are in a family!
Family Member Count
Custom Ranks
Find the ranks of Underboss and Soldier too limiting? Now Godfathers, Godmothers, & Underbosses can create the ranks they prefer on their family page.
Custom Ranks
Family Tab On The Free Gifts Page
Gifting to your Family is easier than ever now that members of your family who are also your friends on Facebook are so easily accessible via this new tab on Free Gifts page.  It is very important to note that at this time, some players will not reflect this element of the feature on their accounts.
Family Tab On The Free Gifts Page
Family Rivals
You already have personal rivals on your list, but now Godfathers, Godmothers, & Underbosses can add family rivals as well! A player can be added to the family rival list through a link on their profile page that appears next to the normal "Add to Rivals" link.
Add To Family Rivals Link
Family Rivals
Fight List Color-coding
After receiving feedback about the color-coding onthe fight list, we've decided to keep Family tags red and change the color of non-player characters to orange.

It's true that blood is thicker than water!  Whether you're ready to start your own Family or join an active group this is an excellent way to get help for all of your Mafia needs.  When in need, you can count of your Family to send you loot and items that you need to level up, and they will be there to respond to your call of help in wars, fights, operations, and finishing those jobs!

Security Certificate / Display Issues

Security Certificate / Display Issues
Updated 09/28/2011 at 18:21
We have reports from several players that they are receiving a pop-up regarding security certificate information.  This is due to an update that we are currently making and this will be resolved shortly.

There is not any action that we recommend at this time, but the issue is being promptly addressed.

We apologize for any interruption to your game-play and the inconvenience of this issue, but we will have everything updated and running smoothly as quickly as possible.

Thank you again for your patience!

The Mafia Wars Team

How to: Submit your Java Error Logs

How to: Submit your Java Error Logs
Updated 09/09/2011 at 16:46
Java Error Logs can be used to identify potential issues that may cause your game to work incorrectly. By providing this information to our team, you can help us determine potential sources causing the disruption to your game play.

These Logs are most easily viewed in the Firefox or Chrome browsers; however, instructions on finding this information using Internet Explorer 9 (or later) is included in the instructions below.

Accessing Error Logs in Firefox

To access the error logs using Firefox, press the Control + Shift + J keys simultaneously during the part of the game in which you are experiencing the issue that you are reporting.

User-added image

When you press those keys, the Error Console opens.  If the error tab is not already selected, click the Errors button at the top.  This section displays any active error code(s) that are being experienced during that portion of the game.

User-added image

Please take a screenshot or a screenvideo of the entire page of error codes.  Do not copy and past the error codes, but rather send in a screenshot or screen video of the whole page so that we can review the error codes as they are displayed. Instructions on how to take a screenvideo or screenshot have been provided below.

How to:  Submit a Screenshot Video to Customer Support

All Games:  How to take a screenshot

Accessing Error Logs in Chrome

To access the error logs using Chrome, press the Control + Shift + J keys simultaneously during the part of the game in which you are experiencing the issue that you are reporting.

User-added image

The first time that you access the Java Console in the Chrome browser, it will default to the Elements tab.  Click the Console button on the right side of the console browser.

User-added image

After clicking the Console button, the Console disaply opens.  Make sure the Errors tab is selected and take a screenvideo or a screenshot of all of the error codes.  The instructions for either of those steps are included in this article above. It is very important to send a screenvideo or screenshot of all of the error codes rather than copying and pasting them into your reply so that we are able to view them as they are displayed.

User-added image

NOTE: The Chrome browser will also display extraneous errors and flag them as unsafe.  This is a result of how the browser is reading these codes. They will not result in your game functioning improperly, nor do they signal safety or security issues.

Accessing Error Logs in Internet Explorer 9 (or later versions)

To access the error logs using the Internet Explorer browser, please press the F12 key during the part of the game in which you are experiencing the issue that you are reporting.

User-added image

When the Java Error Console is opened in Internet Explorer 9 (or later) you will need to click the 'Script' button.

User-added image

On the next screen, click the Console button which will open the Error Logs.  Please take a screenvideo or a screenshot of this information using the instructions in the articles that have been linked above.  This will enable us to review the information to determine potential sources causing the disruption to your game play.  Please note that you will need to submit an entire screenvideo or screenshot of this information so that we can review it as it has been displayed.

User-added image

New Properties Event FAQ

New Properties Event FAQ
Updated 09/15/2011 at 19:55
It is time to start building again, and New York is the spot!  Each week a new building will be introduced, and players will have the duration of that week to level that building up as far as possible.

Q:  Will this new building only be available in New York?
A:  Yes.  You will be able to see this each new building on your New York properties page.  The first new property will be listed next to the current craftable properties.

Q:  What level does the building begin with?
A:  Each building will begin at level zero.  You will need to collect three of the parts needed to upgrade to the first level before you can start crafting items.  If your building does not reach level 1, you will not be able to craft items, although you will still retain the building.

Q:  What is the highest level that I can upgrade each property to?
A:  You will have the opportunity to upgrade each building to a maximum of 10 levels.

Q:  How will I obtain the parts needed to upgrade my new property each week?
A:  The parts needed to upgrade each property will be available through feeds.

Q:  What will happen to the extra or unused parts that I have collected each week?
A:  The unused parts required to build the properties will be reset to zero each week when a new property is introduced.

Q:  How will I know when a new building will be introduced?
A:  A new building will be introduced each week.  There will be a timer located on the property to keep you on track.  Be sure collect all the parts needed before time runs out!

Q:  What happens if I don't fully upgrade my building?
A:  You will only be able to craft up to the level which has been completed.

Q:  Will I be able to purchase the level upgrade with Reward points?
A:  It will be possible to purchase incomplete level upgrades if you are unable to reach the maximum level during the week

Q:  Why do I need to upgrade my buildings?
A:  The higher the building is upgraded, the better the items will be that you can craft.

Q:  What type of items will I be able to craft?
A:  As with the existing properties there will be a variety of items that can be created.

Q:  Is there going to be an option to rush craft items in the new properties?
A:  The new properties will function similarly to the existing craftable properties, and you will be able to rush crafting for Reward points if you have the parts available.

My Armor/Weapons Stats have decreased

My Armor/Weapons Stats have decreased
Updated 09/27/2011 at 00:13

With the introduction of the new Henchman category to the inventory system many players will notice that their total Armor stats have decreased.  This is because many of those items previously listed in your Armor category have now been moved into the Henchmen group.  As you notice a decrease in your Armor, you will also see an increase in your Henchmen category, and your total combined score will increase.  Although this will primarily affect you Armor, there may also be some items that are pulled from the other categories into the Henchmen group.

If it appears that the stats have not adjusted correctly, please purchase an item from the City store and then visit your fight page.  This will cause the inventory to update automatically and will reflect your most recent totals for each category.

User-added image

Loading Issues / Spinning Revolver

User-added image

Earlier this week many players were experiencing issues with loading, spinning revolvers, and white screens that were preventing them from playing. Additionally, some players continue to report this issue and we apologize for any inconvenience or interruption that this may be causing to your game-play.

The team is aware of this issue we are currently taking additional steps to find a resolution. We understand the frustration that you have when you cannot access your game and we are making every effort to address the matter as quickly as possible.

If you are currently still encountering loading issues, please follow the instructions listed in the following link to provide us with any error codes that your game may be experiencing:


After you have access the Java Error Logs, please submit that information through our support portal:


Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and want you to know that the issue is being addressed, and we appreciate your patience during this process!

Family Boss Fight FAQ

User-added image

Q:  When was this feature released?
A:  The latest version of the Family Boss Fight was released on 09/13/11.

Q:  Is this a permanent feature to the game?
A:  Yes!  This is the second installment of the feature and promises to add a new element to the game.

Q:  What exactly is a Family Boss Fight?
A:  The Family Boss Fight is a boss fight like no other previously released.  For this boss fight you will need to help of your family in order to achieve victory.

Q:  How long will we have to defeat the boss?
A:  This time around you are will have less time to beat the boss .  To keep you on track there will be a timer on the home page of the boss fight page, as well as above the leaderboard.  It is important to note that the current Family Boss feature isn't around for as long as his predecessor, however, future bosses may be shorter/longer.

Q:  What will happen if my Family is not able to defeat the Boss within the 7 day period.
A:  This feature is a permanent and if you do not beat him in the tiem allotted you will have the opportunity to fight him again.

Q:  If my Family defeats the Boss during within the alotted  time frame we will be able to fight him again?
A:  Yes!  Because this feature is permanent you will have the opportunity to fight him again to earn different rewards.

Q:  Do I need to be in a Family in order to participate in this boss fight?
A:  In order to participate in this feature, you will need to join or create a Family.

Q:  How do I join or create a Family so that I can participate in this feature?
A:  Instructions on how to join or create a Family can be found here:  http://support.zynga.com/CP_ArticleView_WebFull?custlayoutid=1&layout=WebFull&layouttmpl=Tmpl_WebFull_1&lang=en_US&gameId=43&Id=kA160000000GooHCAS

Q:  Where will I find this boss fight within the game?
A:  You will find a new button on your home page called 'Bosses' with a number indicating that a boss fight is available.  Upon clicking this button you will be taken to the Family Boss Fight page.

User-added image

Q:  How do I begin the boss fight?
A:  After you have opened the Family Boss fight page you will be given a feature overview and prompted to select one of three different boss fight roles.
User-added image

Q:  What do Bruiser, Arsonist, and Racketeer do?
A:  Each character plays its own part in the boss fight, and it is important to remember that each role can ONLY cast on others.

Bruiser:  Grants you the ability to cast the double damage buff on someone who has requested help.
Arsonist:  Can cast a buff that will reduce the Boss's rage so that more damage can be done.
Racketeer:  Resets your Fatigue so you reduce the cost of Stamina for your attacks.
User-added image

User-added image

User-added image

Q:  Which type is better?
A:  Each part plays its role in defeating the Boss.  The most important aspect is the coordinated effort of all roles in order to bring the boss down.

Q:  After I have selected a role am I able to change it?
A:  No.  When you select a role for the boss fight, this is what you will be until the boss has been defeated.

Q:  Are there consumables for this boss fight?
A:  Yes.  There are four different types of consumables that are available to help you with this boss fight.  These four consumable will become available as soon as you have started a boss fight.

Q:  What are the consumables for this boss fight, and where will I be able to get them?
A:  There are four consumables that can be used for this boss fight:

Backstab drops from Jobs and will do between 80-110 in damage.
Crowbar Swing drops from Robbing, and will do 70 damage.
Sucker Punch drops from Fighting, and can do between 90-100 in damage.
Rifle Round is available by using the 'Ask' button, and can do between 100-130 in damage.

Q:  Are there limits to the number of consumables that I can have?
A:  Yes.  There is a limit of 20 consumables that a player can have in their account at any one time.

Q:  Will I be able to purchase consumables while fighting the boss?
A:  Yes.  If you run out of any of the consumables you will have the opportunity to purchase an additional 10 for 10 Reward points.

Q:  Can we use the consumables in specific combos to deliver an extra punch?
A:  Yes!  There are a total of four combos that can be used to deal incrementally more damage to the boss.  These combos are meant for self discovery and can be shared with your family.  Please note that with each upcoming boss the combos may vary, and some bosses may have more/less combos available.

Q:  How do I attack the boss?
A:  You can use the consumables that you have collected to attack the boss, or you can attack him directly using the stamina attack button located directly under the consumables on the boss fight screen.

Q:  What is the difference between attacking the boss with consumables and attacking him with my stamina?
A:  Stamina attack uses up stamina, and the base damage you do is based upon attack strength.  Consumables do not use Stamina, and they do a fixed amount of damage.

Q:  What is the Fatigue meter, and how does it affect the boss fight?
A:  The Fatigue meter increases each time that you attack the boss and is directly related to how much stamina that you use against the boss.  The higher the Fatigue meter, the more stamina it will cost you to attack the boss.

Q:  How can I reduce the Fatigue meter so that I can use the least amount of stamina possible?
A:  There are two ways for you to reduce the Fatigue meter.  The first is to ask your family for help by clicking the '?' button on the boss fight tool bar.  This will alert your family that you need help.  For 5 Reward points you can also buy 5 Fatigue buffs to use yourself.  To purchase these buffs simply click the coin icon next on the boss fight tool bar.  When you have the Fatigue buffs available for use, they will automatically be applied each time you click the Attack button, therefore reducing the Fatigue meter.

User-added image

Q:  What is the Rage meter and how does the Arsonist affect it?
A:  The Rage meter for the boss increases each time that you attack it using either the consumables or the attack button.  The higher the Rage meter, the less damage that you are going to be able to do to the boss.  You can also request help from your family by clicking the '?'.  Additionally, you also have the option of buying Arsonist buffs for 5 Reward points so that you can use them to reduce the Rage meter.  As with the other buffs, Arsonist is applied each time that you attack, and will bring down the rage meter, therefore increasing the amount of damage that you can do to the boss.

Q:  Is the amount of damage the Bruiser does related to the Rage or Fatigue meters?
A:  The Bruiser does double the amount of damage to the Boss, however, the higher the Rage meter is the less double damage that can be done.  In order to take advantage of the double damage that can be dealt, work with your family to ensure the Rage meter is as low as possible.  Like the other buffs, you can request Bruiser buffs from your family or you can purchase 5 at a time for 5 Reward points.

Q:  If I have chosen to be a Bruiser in this boss fight to do double damage, will I do double damage again if is use the Bruiser buff?
A:  The way the roles work, a player who has chosen the role of a bruiser must cast their buff on you.  Once they do, you will receive five charges, which means that your next five attacks (through stamina or combos) will do double damage.  You cannot buff yourself with the double damage.

Q:  What will happen if I request help and multiple members of my family seen me the buff that I have requested?
A:  Only the first request applied will count.  Other players who click should not have their casts complete.

Q:  How will I know if my family needs help?
A:  When you family needs help you will see this indicated on the leader board to the left hand side of the buff fight page.
User-added image

Q:  How many times can I can help my fellow players?
A:  Each player will have 5 buff items of their chosen character, either Bruiser, Arsonist, or Racketeer.  You can send these buff items to your fellow family members to help them on their side of the fight.  These will regenerate every 30 minutes, and you can only send them to your family if you have them available.

Q:  How does the leaderboard work and are there any benefits to be at the top?
A:  The leaderboard is based upon the amount of damage or activity that an individual family member contributes to the defeat of the boss. The higher you are on the leaderboard the better chance you have at getting a superior item.

Q:  What items are available as rewards for defeating the boss?
A:  There are three tiers of items that are available for taking the boss down.  The reward for defeating the Family Boss is awarded randomly, however, your chances of receiving a higher rated item will increase slightly by doing better on the leaderboard.  It is very important to note that there is a minimum amount of participation that each family member must perform in order to be eligible for a reward item if the boss is defeated.
User-added image

Q:  Does this boss fight feature further my progression in the Family Progression?
A:  No.  This is a separate feature and does not count towards Family Progression.

Q:  Is there any type of penalty for leaving the boss fight before he has been defeated?
A:  The boss fight is active until he has been defeated.  You can't leave the boss fight before then unless you opt to leave the family.  If you choose to leave the family before the boss fight is defeated, you will not be able to collect the reward.  It is important to note that the Boss Fight is owned by the Family.

Q:  If someone is attacking me while I am engaged in the Boss fight, will that affect by battle with the boss in any way?
A:  No!  Your health is not involved at all when participating in Family Boss fights, so you're free to play as you normally do while still participating and helping your family defeat the Family Boss fight.

Q:  How can I become most affective at dealing damage to the boss?
A:  This system is designed to encourage and reward tight cooperation between multiple players in the same family.  The groups who will do best are the ones who have a high level of coordination and a sound strategy for when to use their casts.  If you are interested in increasing your personal contribution, you should continue to increase your own personal fighting strength (attack skill, mafia attack) to do more damage, and by doing core game actions to collect consumables.

Level Up Your Family

User-added image

Q:  What is 'Family Progression'?
A:  Family Progression is a feature which allows Families to level in a way similar to individuals.  For each level, the family is awarded a special perk that benefits all the family members.  Experience towards family level progression is gained by family members completing actions in the game.  The same core actions that help you level will benefit your family!

Q:  Is this a permanent feature to the game?
A:  Yes!  This is a new feature that you can expect to enjoy for awhile.

Q:  Do I need to be in a Family in order to participate?
A:  In order to participate in this feature, you will need to join or create a Family.

Q:  How do I join or create a Family so that I can participate in this event?
A:  Instructions on how to join or create a Family can be found here:  http://support.zynga.com/CP_ArticleView_WebFull?custlayoutid=1&layout=WebFull&layouttmpl=Tmpl_WebFull_1&lang=en_US&gameId=43&Id=kA160000000GooHCAS

Q:  How do the timers work?
A:  The timer in the top right corner of the window lets you know when the current period ends and the next period begins. You have until then to maximize your contribution to your family's collective experience.

Q:  What happens if I don't collect my perks before the timer runs out?
A:  If you do not click the 'Collect' button prior to the clock running down, you will lose all progress and will need to repeat all of the tasks.

Q:  How do I help my family out?
A:  You can contribute to your Families progress by earning experience points for in-game activities that you already do every day.

Q:  What are the in-game activities that will apply to the Family Progression?
A:  There are four areas which will apply to this event

1. Helper:  This experience is awarded for showing loyalty to your mafia.  When you earn enough helper experience you can collect a reward bonus of Helper experience and Family experience.

User-added image

2. Jobs:  Doing Jobs in any city will give you the experience that you need to earn your reward bonus.

3. Ices:  To ice an opponent you will need to drop their health below 20.  By icing enough players player you will obtain the bonus experience needed.

User-added image

4. Property:  When you craft weapons, armors, vehicles, and animals in New York you will earn experience.  The higher your property upgrades, the more experience you can collect.

User-added image

Q:  Are there Mastery levels for these activities that I can progress through?
A:  Yes!  There are Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels.

Q:  How is the feature tracked?
A:  When you visit your Family tab you find the progress bar.  This will show you which level you are on as well as what your current mastery. This will also show the Leaderboard for each of the four contributing activities.

User-added image

Q:  How many levels are there?
A:  There are 10 levels that you can complete.

Q:  What is the Leaderboard?
A:  The leaderboard will show the top member of your Family who contributes the most for each of the four categories.

Q:  What are Family Perks?
A:  There are ten perks associated with Family Progression and each one:

User-added image

Q:  How do I know which perks my Family has earned?
A:  This information can be reviewed by clicking the 'Perks' button on your Family page.

User-added image

Q:  What happens to my Family Perks if I change Families?
A:  The perks are linked to the Family.  If you decide to leave the Family, the perks that were earned there will be lost.

Q: What happens when I join a new Family, will I get the perks they have already earned?
A:  Yes.  If you join a new Family, the perks that they already have will be applied to you as well.

For additional details please link to the Official Mafia Wars blog here:  http://blog.mafiawars.com/

Thursday, September 22, 2011

FB Mafia Wars Addon

Mafia Wars Add-On For Chrome & Firefox 

There is an "Add-On" for Mafia Wars that you can install in chrome and firefox,they called 

"FB MafiaWars Addon". 

  • Firefox:

users need to download greasemonkey or Scriptish first and then you can install the Addon. (For firefox version 4 or higher I reccomend using Scriptish instead of greasemonkey). 

  •  Chrome:
Install this Tampermonkey (Tampermonkey is a userscript manager for Google Chrome and Chromium Browser) users need to download the Addon script and then also download an additional PLUG-IN for CHROME. that enables numerous new features, but you can do it later to install the plugin when you try to access the game.

 After you finished all the installation, open Mafia Wars game to play and a green arrow is visible at the top-left of the screen where the City Name is displayed.

To make all MWAddon work, you need to give "All required Permission" to Mafia Wars.
* The first time you install MWAddon you need to give Permissions to MW's, Just click on yellow "All required Permissions" button. You get a new Mw's page open > continue your game from that new page and close the one you just came from previously.. Open any new Tabs from the new one.
* If you just update your current version, it is not necessary. ( and you don't run a cleaner )
* If you "Uninstall" your version for any reason, even to update then you need to redo it
* If you use a cleaner program of any sort or delete your Browser history, anything that causes you to remove cookies. Then you will need to give permissions again.
* The script and your settings are stored on your Computer. You are only altering the way you see the game on your own or each computer you use.. You do not alter the server Achive. There for you need to save your own applications.
"SEE TUTORIAL ON IMPORT-EXPORT SETTINGS BELOW" ( how to save your settings )

* If you Check this function you will receive a popup that displays the new alterations for the new version ready for you to UPDATE when it's available.

* Check this and receive handy "To Level Up Ratio Calculations" located on your Experience bar.
* Also Just Cursor over the stat and get a ToolTip popup.
* It tells you the Energy, Stamina or Combined Ratios needed to level up.

* Check this and you will Receive the ratio thats from calculating the difference of how much energy it costs, compared to how much experience you are rewarded. On every job.

* Check this and you will have many more options to send gifts, even past/Older Gifts.
* This will be the layout you will see every time you come back into Mw page.


* If you check this and you go into another players profile Page in MW's by clicking on their name.
You will get some new functions so that you can get their Fb profile to friend request them, or you can add that player to your whitelist or Blacklist.

Facebook Profile | Add to Whitelist | Add to Blacklist

* If you check this you will get access to some great functions in your Family page
http:// apps.f*cebook.com / inthemafia / f*mily.php?id = %%%%%%%%% Copy (beta!)
Click on "Add to ????" to add all family's members into that list.
Add to Whitelist
Add to Blacklist

* Check this if you want to go in stealth mode.

* If you like to clear your browser history cache and cookies or you like to use Cleaner programs Then these functions here will be very valuable to you.
* Once you have been through the whole Addon and you have everything configured and even if you have added anything into the Plug-In-Manager.
* You can save all these by simply clicking on "EXPORT ALL SETTINGS"
* You will receive all the script code in the box.
* Copy the Blue Highlighted code and Paste it into a NotePad document or similar text application.
* Save it on your computer where you can access it easy.
* Now if you loose your settings you can just reverse the process, Open your NotePad Doc > "select all" Via the "edit" function, and copy.
* Select "IMPORT ALL SETTINGS" and past it back into the Addon box and save configuration.
* If you use cleaner Programs You should save your settings If you change them at the end of your day before you switch off.
* And you can even send your settings to your friends to use or view.


if u have a problem with the installation, update ur greasemonkey to the latest version: GREASEMONKEY
If had problem "Plug-In" in chrome browser, install this:
and doing these steps below:
1. Remove My Mafia Apps
2. Clear "everything" Cache's
3. Re-Installed Mafia Apps
4. Install Scriptish or Greasemonkey (for FireFox)
5. Install MW Addon latest version:
6. Load the game (so browser have new cache )
7. Allow all configuration on MW Addon
8. Close last MW opened and reopen with this fresh link http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/
9.All Working good for me
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