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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Level Up Your Family

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Q:  What is 'Family Progression'?
A:  Family Progression is a feature which allows Families to level in a way similar to individuals.  For each level, the family is awarded a special perk that benefits all the family members.  Experience towards family level progression is gained by family members completing actions in the game.  The same core actions that help you level will benefit your family!

Q:  Is this a permanent feature to the game?
A:  Yes!  This is a new feature that you can expect to enjoy for awhile.

Q:  Do I need to be in a Family in order to participate?
A:  In order to participate in this feature, you will need to join or create a Family.

Q:  How do I join or create a Family so that I can participate in this event?
A:  Instructions on how to join or create a Family can be found here:  http://support.zynga.com/CP_ArticleView_WebFull?custlayoutid=1&layout=WebFull&layouttmpl=Tmpl_WebFull_1&lang=en_US&gameId=43&Id=kA160000000GooHCAS

Q:  How do the timers work?
A:  The timer in the top right corner of the window lets you know when the current period ends and the next period begins. You have until then to maximize your contribution to your family's collective experience.

Q:  What happens if I don't collect my perks before the timer runs out?
A:  If you do not click the 'Collect' button prior to the clock running down, you will lose all progress and will need to repeat all of the tasks.

Q:  How do I help my family out?
A:  You can contribute to your Families progress by earning experience points for in-game activities that you already do every day.

Q:  What are the in-game activities that will apply to the Family Progression?
A:  There are four areas which will apply to this event

1. Helper:  This experience is awarded for showing loyalty to your mafia.  When you earn enough helper experience you can collect a reward bonus of Helper experience and Family experience.

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2. Jobs:  Doing Jobs in any city will give you the experience that you need to earn your reward bonus.

3. Ices:  To ice an opponent you will need to drop their health below 20.  By icing enough players player you will obtain the bonus experience needed.

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4. Property:  When you craft weapons, armors, vehicles, and animals in New York you will earn experience.  The higher your property upgrades, the more experience you can collect.

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Q:  Are there Mastery levels for these activities that I can progress through?
A:  Yes!  There are Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels.

Q:  How is the feature tracked?
A:  When you visit your Family tab you find the progress bar.  This will show you which level you are on as well as what your current mastery. This will also show the Leaderboard for each of the four contributing activities.

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Q:  How many levels are there?
A:  There are 10 levels that you can complete.

Q:  What is the Leaderboard?
A:  The leaderboard will show the top member of your Family who contributes the most for each of the four categories.

Q:  What are Family Perks?
A:  There are ten perks associated with Family Progression and each one:

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Q:  How do I know which perks my Family has earned?
A:  This information can be reviewed by clicking the 'Perks' button on your Family page.

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Q:  What happens to my Family Perks if I change Families?
A:  The perks are linked to the Family.  If you decide to leave the Family, the perks that were earned there will be lost.

Q: What happens when I join a new Family, will I get the perks they have already earned?
A:  Yes.  If you join a new Family, the perks that they already have will be applied to you as well.

For additional details please link to the Official Mafia Wars blog here:  http://blog.mafiawars.com/


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