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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Family Tools FAQ

Family Tools FAQ
Updated 08/26/2011 at 22:58 
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A 'Family' or 'Crime Family' is a term often used to describe a close group of people who are involved in similar activities and who help and protect each other.  And now Mafia Wars makes your Family legit!  Use the tools you need to manage your Family from within the game.  Join an active Family to work, war, and stand together, or start your own family!

Q:  When was this feature launched?
A:  This feature was released on 06/09/11 and is available to all players who are level 25 and above.

Q: Why should I join a Family?
A: Families are made up of active players with a common goal. Members help one another by giving advice, protection, sending gifts, and grow their Mafia. Families will also be able to access exclusive features like in-game chat, which is coming soon.

Q:  How do I go join a Family?
A:  If joining a Family is what you are looking for, then you can search through all of the Families registered with Mafia Wars. You will be able to view a Family member's stats such as number of wars won, ices, and jobs done to help you make your decision.

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Q:  Will I be able to see other members attack, defense, stamina, and health stats?
A:  No.  This information remains private, and you will not be able to see this information.

Q: How will I know if I’m part of a Family?
A: Once you have asked to join a Family, the Godfather or Godmother will review your request and send you an invitation through the Zynga Message Center. You must accept this invitation in order to join the Family.

Q: Do I have to be a Facebook friend of a Family Leader to join a Family?
A: No. If your request is approved by the Family Leader, you will be a member of the Family.

Q:  How do I start my own Family?
A:  To start your own family and be the Godmother/father you need to begin by going to the 'My Mafia' tab, and then click 'Families'.

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There are numerous perks to being a Family leader:

  • Create a unique Family tag
  • Recruit new members
  • Approve all Family members requests
  • Post personalized daily messages that only your Family can view
  • Promote members to officers
  • Demote officers or boost members from your Family
Q:  How much does it cost to start a Family?
A: The cost is 50 Reward Points. As Family leader, you will be able to access upcoming exclusive features and leadership perks.

Q:  What are the members of my Family?
A:  The Family leader is the Godmother/father, followed by the Underboss.  Each of the other members are listed as a Soldier.

Q: As Family leader, how many members can I promote to officers?
A: You can promote as many members to Underbosses as you want.

Q: What are the responsibilities of an Underboss?
A: Officers have the ability to invite new recruits, remove Soldiers form the Family, and chang ethe Family's message of the day.

Q:  What is the role of the Soldier within the Family?
A:  As a soldier, your role is to help others in the Family and perform enforcement tasks to protect the family.  Work your way up within your organization to get promoted to an Underboss.

Q: Is there a limit to how many members can join a Family?
A: Currently the limit is 100 per Family. This limit may be adjusted in the future as more members opt in.

Q: Does it cost anything to join a Family?
A: No. If you are accepted into a Family, you will also be able to change your name for free. This offer is only valid once.

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Q:  What if there isn't a Family that I would like to join?
A:  By clicking the 'Start Your Own Family' button, you will have the option of creating your own Family.  It's true that blood is thicker than water.

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Q:  What is the Message of Day?
A:  The Message of the Day is a statement that the Godmother/father can present to their family each day.  This message is viewable only by the members of the group.

Q:  Can I paste links into the family description?
A:  No. You can past a URL, but clickable links are not allowed.

Q:  Will there be Family Tags?
A:  Yes.  When you join or create a Family, your organization will be identified with red tags that appear before your Profile name.  Make sure you get tagged so your rivals know who they're dealing with!

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Q:  Are the Family Tags unique?
A:  Yes, the tags are unique, so be the first to claim your own creative signature!

Family Tool Feature Updates:

Family Member Count
Now you can quickly see how many members are in a family!
Family Member Count
Custom Ranks
Find the ranks of Underboss and Soldier too limiting? Now Godfathers, Godmothers, & Underbosses can create the ranks they prefer on their family page.
Custom Ranks
Family Tab On The Free Gifts Page
Gifting to your Family is easier than ever now that members of your family who are also your friends on Facebook are so easily accessible via this new tab on Free Gifts page.  It is very important to note that at this time, some players will not reflect this element of the feature on their accounts.
Family Tab On The Free Gifts Page
Family Rivals
You already have personal rivals on your list, but now Godfathers, Godmothers, & Underbosses can add family rivals as well! A player can be added to the family rival list through a link on their profile page that appears next to the normal "Add to Rivals" link.
Add To Family Rivals Link
Family Rivals
Fight List Color-coding
After receiving feedback about the color-coding onthe fight list, we've decided to keep Family tags red and change the color of non-player characters to orange.

It's true that blood is thicker than water!  Whether you're ready to start your own Family or join an active group this is an excellent way to get help for all of your Mafia needs.  When in need, you can count of your Family to send you loot and items that you need to level up, and they will be there to respond to your call of help in wars, fights, operations, and finishing those jobs!


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