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FB Mafia Wars Addon 3 in 1

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FBMWAddon, Spockholm, Lucifers Bookmarklet and more running in 1 script 
(All features running with no Un-frame and No need Install any Plug-ins).


Installation Instruction:

For  Firefox Pale Moon, and other Mozilla based browser:
  • For Firefox user, Update to Firefox version 19 (Much Faster and Compatible with script)
    CLICK HERE to update Firefox.
  • For SCRIPTISH user:
    1. Click right on "Install" button.
    2. Click "Install User Script..." (A new "User Script Installation" box will pop up)

    3. Click "Install/Reinstall"


For  Chrome, Canary Dragon Iron Rockmelt, and other Chrome based browser

Note: Starting in Chrome 21, it is more difficult to install extensions, apps, and user scripts from outside the Chrome Web Store. Here's how to install the script in Chrome browser:

    For  Sea Monkey:

    For  Opera:

    For Safari:
    • Install the NinjaKit Extension.
    • Restart Safari.
    • Install this script by clicking the Install button.
    • Manage your scripts via the NinjaKit Extension toolbar icon or via the Extensions preferences.

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    Anonymous said...

    wow... faster in fight, good job.

    Anonymous said...

    i havent been able to get ices for 6 days its not reading scripts

    Anonymous said...

    and anyone using this isnt getting there ices either

    Anonymous said...

    please update , wont load for the new mw url

    Anonymous said...

    isthis not being updated anymore

    Anonymous said...

    Probably not as lucifers doesn't work

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