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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tips an Trick when collecting Daily Bonus or Email Bonus

Tips an Trick when collecting Daily Bonus or Email Bonus

This time i will give you a trick how to got multi-bonus from daily bonus point and daily email bonus. This Glitch unlimited and still works good until now!!! 
Click with faster many times the link for daily bonus or email bonus (that way will open multi tabs in one time with the same link).

How can i open the same link in many different tabs at the same time???
It's easy...
  1. Click and hold "ctrl" key from your keyboard (PC or Laptop)
  2. Click faster the link 2 or 3 times after hold the "ctrl" key (point-1)
    That way will open the same link in 2 or 3 different tabs.
    Tips: Don't open the link for more 3 tabs (to long response for browser in loading when you open more than 3 tabs) 
  3. Leave all the tabs loading until finish. 
Here is the result (in this case, i opened the link in 3 tabs different).



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