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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TIPS: Free XP From Mini Boss Fight

TIPS: Free XP From Mini Boss Fight

This tips really useful for looking free XP when you don't have anything bonus to collect.
Follow these steps below:
  1. Empty your stamina (Stamina= 0 or less than 5)
  2. Active your Fighting Crew Members (in London, Chicago or Brazil)
  3. Go to the "Fight" page and "Attack" the Mini Boss Fight  (in London, Chicago or Brazil)
  4. Keep hitting (use Power Attck) the Mini Boss Fight even you lost in fighting until iced
  5. You Iced the Mini Boss Fight and gaining awesome free XP
  6. This tips works in London, Chicago or Brazil city only.
    Do this tips when the Crew Members available to active (every 8 hours)
  7. Enjoy.


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