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Thursday, May 10, 2012

London New Mission Sam Hadwick

There are a total of ? city missions for London.
All missions unlock in the order displayed unless otherwise indicated.
London City Missions are given by Sam Hadwick.
So, they want to play? A new game means new rules, I prefer having no rules at all. Let's see if you have beginners luck on your side.
Cheaters never prosper but you showed them better. Hope you've got more tricks up those sleeves because that was only the toss.
Some people can be highly influential. What they say and do determines everything. You either call the shots or be declared out before your time.
You showed em who's boss and raised the bar high but I'm afraid the game's just begun!
Distraction is our worst enemy and it's so easy to fall prey to it. Its time you stop looking and start seeing.
 Wow, with concentration like that you' e going to reach high places. A little too high for my liking but you've earned it.
When the roots are weak the tree tends to bend. Find those loose ends we can play on.
Game over. You win. Would you like to play again?
 Black and blue are my favorite shades ... on skin. Colours sure can depict moods and I hope you know what I'm in the mood for!
 I lied, green is my favorite shade and now you know why.
 Do you know what I love about winning? It's never the prize but the price paid for losing.
I live off loss and die to win! It's like stealing candy from a kid.
 A little birdie told me that I've got competition. I wonder what yardstick was used to determine that.
 So, it wasn't as serious as it was made to seem. It's about time things got exciting around here.
You don't win a competition, you eliminate it.
Quote to be added.
Misery loves company and the best way to entertain is with a cup of tea.
Now we need to find something to go with it because tea on its own is no party.
 They say a watched kettle never boils but I'm sure you can change that.
 Ah, the sweet sound of that whistle. It tells you that the wait is over.
Calling the shots can become predictable. Let's give them something they won't be prepared for.
Quote to be added.
A confused enemy is a battle won. Watch them disintegrate in their own concentrate.
 Quote to be added.
There's no such thing as a perfect setting because the props-men can't see in the dark.
It's funny how my point was made now that a light has been switched on.
A business venture is always a risk. If you can't handle a risk, you can't handle me.
Quote to be added.
Copy Cat they used to call me, but old habits die hard.
The art of trickery is knowing that it's an art.
Pride comes before a fall. Lucky for me I've learned to fly!
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Object of the Game Mission
  • Fight 5 opponents in London. 
  • Acquire 1 Weapon.
    +3 Power Pack
    Icon-gf-coin.gif +2 Reward Points
The Umpires Decision Mission
  • Collect from your Olympic Stadium 1 time. 
  • Rob 3 times in London.
    Skill Points +5 Free Skill Points
Eye on the Prize Mission
  • Loot 5 Bearskin Hats from fights in London. 
  • Job: Watch The Fight (5x).
    +50 Hired Guns 

Bent Rules Mission
  • Ice 3 opponents in London. 
  • Loot 5 Ol' Bloke from Job: Collect Your Take.
  • Declared war 2 times
    +3 Barmy Army Member 127 81
    +5 Free Skill Points
       +3 Reward Points
Feed the Craving Mission
  • Loot 8 Knuckle Knifes from Job: Watch The Fight. 
  • Activate 4 crew members in London. 
  • Get support from your mafia (10x). (Gift Requests) 
  • Fight 25 opponents in London.
    +2 Grass Snake 110 69
Full yet Empty Mission
  • Job: Collect Your Take (10x). 
  • Collect from your Olympic Stadium 4 times.
  • Get 6 crew members.
  • Rob 15 times in London.
    +20 Hired Guns
Hidden Agenda Mission

  • Make 6 items from your East End Pub. 
  • Win 20 fights in London.
  • Upgrade your East End Pub 2 times.
  • Declare a war 3 times.
    +4 Construction Boots 67 106
Fire in the Belly Mission
  • Help in a war 16 times.
  • Ice 15 opponents in London.
  • Job: Burn Down A Brand New Condo (12x). (East End Story).
    +3 Night Clubber 59 91
Put the Kettle On Mission
  • Job: Approach The Police With Leads (10x). (Dead in Red)
  • Loot 20 Royal Hats from robbing.
  • Clear 10 robbing boards.
  • Get support from your mafia (15x). (Gift Requests).
    +20 Victory Coins
Bring to a Boil Mission
  • Ask for 10 Neon Weldguards from mafia.
  • Loot 25 Silver Sides from fights in London.
  • Buy 4 items from your Nightclub (London).
  • Upgrade your Nightclub (London) 3 times.
    +2 Tailspin 111 70
Lower the Flame Mission
  • Activate 8 crew members in London.
  • Job: Fake Your Own Death (8x). (To Russia With Love)
  • Declare a war 5 times.
  • Rob 50 times in London.
    Hired Guns +20 Hired Guns
Leave to Brew Mission
  • Loot 15 Kanchil from Job: Run The Racket (To Russia With Love)
  • Make 10 items from your East End Pub.
  • Help in a war 10 times.
  • Clear 10 robbing boards.
    +2 Grass Snake 110 69
The Table Has Been Laid Mission
  • Get 9 crew members.
  • Win 80 fights in London.
  • Job: Start An Operation (8x). (Schoolyard Games)
  • Upgrade your Underground Station 3 times.
    +2 Royal Guard 73 119
Chew Don't Swallow Mission

  • Collect from your Underground Station 4 times.
  • Ice 15 opponents in London.
  • Rob 25 Underground Station.
  • Get support from your mafia (15x). (Gift Requests)
    +25 Victory Coins
Tip Over Mission

  • Loot 30 Corroded Blade from fights.
  • Ask for 5 Cage Faces from mafia.
  • Job: Sneak Into The Gambling Den (10x). (Schoolyard Games)
  • Help in a war 10 times.
    +2 London Commuter 122 76
Pour Out Mission
  • Win 4 wars.
  • Collect from your Royal Bank 5 times.
  • Ice 15 opponents in London.
  • Activate 16 crew members in London.
    Duke 198 131


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