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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Metal Mafia: Next Brazil Secret District

Metal Mafia
The Next BRAZIL Secret District
(Coming Soon)
Available from: April 19, 2012 to May 3, 2012
This secret district included a Boss Fight for each mastery level. To Defeat Jairo Moreira you may attack using the boss fight event Consumables and the Guitar Strings secret district consumable, and/or attack using stamina.
Complete the 9 new Brazil jobs in Secret District: Metal Mafia before it closes at 10:30 PM (Pacific Time) on 5/2 to earn exclusive new loot, including the Band Manager (198/89 at ruby level)!
Hurry and complete the Secret District!

-The Mafia Wars Team
Guitar Strings
[0 0]

Loots when doing job:
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguser
[116 75]

Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal
[74 118]

Pyro Torch
Pyro Torch
[120 76]

[75 121]

Loots District Mastery:
Band Manager Bronze
Bronze Level District Mastery 
Band Manager
[138 77]

Band Manager Silver

Silver Level District Mastery 
Band Manager
[158 81]

Band Manager Gold
Gold Level District Mastery 
Band Manager
[178 85]

Band Manager Ruby
Ruby Level District Mastery 
Band Manager
[198 89]

Loots Boss Mastery:
Power Chord Bronze
Bronze Level Boss Mastery 
Power Chord
[132 110]

Power Chord Silver
Silver Level Boss Mastery 
Power Chord
[152 120]

Power Chord Gold
Gold Level Boss Mastery 
Power Chord
[172 130]

Power Chord Ruby
Ruby Level Boss Mastery 
Power Chord


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