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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Get 32 Crew Members

Zynga today has change again for maximum Crew Members. Last time they give us 16 Crew Members but now we can stack 32 Crew Members in London, Chicago and Brazil city.
No wonder with the 32 Crew Members there is the Bandits in everywhere when you doing the Job.

Recruit your Mafia to earn special bonuses and help you do jobs, fights, robbing, and collect from properties with more force. Click on the icon  to ask friends to join your Crew. When a friend accepts your request, you will appear in that friend’s Crew, too. You can activate each Crew position once every 8 hours.

STRATEGIST - Helps you get twice the Job Mastery for the next 20 jobs you do.
LOCKPICK - Helps you get twice the loot for the next 20 jobs you do.
MERCENARY - Next 50 fights won’t cost any stamina thanks to your Mercenary.
MARKSMAN - Your Marksman doubles your Attack power for next 50 fights.
SCOUT - Triples the rewards at the cost of double stamina for your first 3 robbing boards.
ARSONIST - Guaranteed success robbing your first 3 properties for your first 3 robbing boards.
TASKMASTER - Collect twice the amount from all your London properties with a taskmaster.
GUARDIAN - Protects you from being robbed in London for the next 18 hours.
SNIPER - Eliminates the bandit and prevents him from stealing XP, Jobs and Cash.


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