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Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Secret District In London That's A Wrap

(Secret District in London)
Available from October 07, 2012 until October 21, 2012

Film rolls aren't all that he cuts. Kurt Reel is a production nightmare if you aren't cut out for the part. Take him out before he makes a bad casting call. 
You could win this valuable item: 
Item filmcamera bronze 01.png Film Camera 128 230 
Tips and Trick: 
keep staying in Bronze level (as long as you can staying to repeat jobs) 
This trick is good for you (new loots dropped in there really helpful your mafia strength)
Repeat jobs at: "Offer Your Movie Script To The Boss" (required Energy81 energy each). 
Don't forget to active the crew members for chance double loots dropped.
This trick will make you goal in gaining skills points (5 attack, 5 defense and 5 skills points)
Collect 10 of each item to earn 5 attack points 
Collect 25 of each item to earn 5 defense points 
Collect 50 of each item to earn 5 skill points
Consumable (Item needed): 
Electronic Clapper-board 
Loot Dropped: 

Tripod 148 97 
Fireproof Suit 97 148 
Electric Cart 148 97 
Lighting Assistant 103 153 
Job Tier Mastery: 
  Film Camera 116 170
  Film Camera 120 190

  Film Camera 124 210

  Film Camera 128 230

The Bandits: 
It's a whole new boss fight!
Load up on Items - Use Items to attack the Boss. Collect all 4 Items shown below (see icons) from robbing, jobs, fighting and gifting. 
Unlock Combos - Use 4 Items in a row, in the correct order, to unlock Combos. 
Fight to the finish - Get to Ruby Mastery to defeat the Boss!
Boss Rewards: 
Gun Cam 
129 161 
139 181 
149 201 
159 221 
Activate The COMBOS: 
Use the correct order of ammos to activate four-move combos. Special combos do greater damage to the Boss. Ka-pow!


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