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Saturday, June 9, 2012

TRICK: To Fix Unresponse Flash Plugin In Chrome Browser

Internal Flash plugin integration hits Google Chrome

We have discussing already how To Fix Unsecure Content In Chrome Browser before. now i want to explained how To Fix Unresponse Flash Plugin In Chrome Browser

What started off as musings about the possible arrival of internal plug-ins in Google Chrome has already come to fruition. Both Adobe and Google have officially announced that the non-NPAPI plug-in version of Flash is ready for us to test in the latest developer channel build of Chrome.

If you've already got the build installed, you need to add a command line switch to enable the magic: --enable-internal-flash. Need help adding the switch? Check our tutorial post for more details.

Once the switch has been flipped, you'll see the confirmation dialog pictured above. There seem to be some performance benefits to the internal plugin -- the HD clip I tested on YouTube never reached more than 19% CPU utilization.

According to Adobe, "Moving forward, Google will be including Flash Player in Chrome so users will always have the most current release and a safer and more seamless experience." It makes sense for Google to start bundling the internal plug-in for a number of reasons. The internal plug-in will also automatically update itself using Chrome's built-in mechanism, eliminating the need for out-of-browser Flash updating.

The official Adobe post concludes by saying, "Our hope is that the robust integration between Chrome and Flash Player will serve as a showcase for more consistent, seamless, and efficient Web browsing experiences. We feel that this significant effort by both Google and Adobe will directly improve the speed of innovation and move the Web forward, benefiting the entire community of developers and end-users."

CPU and memory usage while watching an HD clip on YouTube with the internal Flash plugin enabled.


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