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Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Property Parts

Multiple Link Spamming

Steps to gain 5 any part links. Make sure you have install "FB MafiaWars Addon 2in1 (Mod for ≋TGMW≋)" or bookmarlet this: New Property Part Drag above link to bookmarkbar (Runs unframed if you don't install MW Addon)

Step 1 : Make sure the ‘Ask Any Part button is showing on your MW main page

Step 2 : Load 5 unframed Mafia Wars tabs
(in each 5 tabs goto Un-Frame MW)
No need Unframe Mafia wars if you has install MW Addon

step 3 : Once all 5 tabs have fully loaded, Quickly click the ‘New Property Part‘ (has added in MW Adon Menu) bookmarklet on each tab.

Step 4 : On each tab you will now have 5 Any Part tinyurl links. Now spam them on your wall/groups.

I normally grab each tinyurl from each tab & post it as 1 post.

Also more info can be found on this Facebook Page Post.


If it just flashes loading try reloading the BM the tinylink server can be slow sometimes. ;)
If it is still flashing loading then run the BM when the

button is showing on the main page.

Source: ŁüčḯḟεŖs Mafia Wars Scripts


Kevin said...

My "New Property Parts" will not work. I click it and the box never pops up to load the links. I've tried cleaning the cookies and that kind of stuff. Deleted addon and reinstalled. I'm out of ideas. Others aren't having the problem that I can see... That is on Firefox and Google Chrome.

Anonymous said...

having same issue

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